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Full Washed Process / Light Roast

Bright and clean… This process results in a very clean cup with flavor characteristics of high, fine citrus acidity and subtle almond notes.

Full Washed Process / Medium Roast

The ideal ratio of sweetness to acidity results in a smooth balanced cup with a rich body of brown sugar and refined caramel notes.

Full Washed Process / Dark Roast

This full-bodied coffee has a superb punch with strong flavors of vanilla bean and a great dark chocolate bitterness for the best short aftertaste.

Honey Process / Medium Roast

A delicate tea-like finish flavor with tasting notes of honey, juicy pear and cinnamon spice, still with plenty of body and deep sugar notes. This process achieves the cleanest and most balanced cup profile,

Natural Process / Medium Roast

Complex fruit and floral notes with essence of sweet cedar and acidic blue and black berries. With this “dried in the fruit” exotic process, you will experience the full flavors of the coffee cherry.

Green Beans

Our Arabica coffee, Strictly Hard Bean, comes in three options: Conventional washed, Honey process and Natural process. The combination of soil, climate, elevation and our coffee varieties result in a smooth coffee with a well-balanced cup between a good body and a highly acidic cup of fine, non-sharp taste. Its excellent aroma make it especially enjoyable for fine-coffee lovers. We specialize in micro-lots from a dozen local farms located at altitudes between 1,200 to 1,500 mtrs in the vicinity of the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

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