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We offer different programs to our visitors, including:


Sustainable agriculture tour

This is a half-day or a day-long program including:
– Agricultural diversification and integration of agriculture and conservation
– Production of organic fertilizers and alternatives to chemical pesticides
– Use of mechanical and solar energies for processing coffee



– History of Costa Rica
– History of Conservation in Monteverde
– Fair Trade and Sustainability
– Impact of Tourism in Sustainability in Monteverde



Volunteering is available in the farm. This is also an opportunity for education, as visitors gain a greater understanding of the environmental, social and economic context of the activity they perform. Their contribution to the farm is very much appreciated.



The option of staying with a local family is offered (lodging and meals included). All families have previous experience with cultural exchange with foreign students. Basic knowledge of Spanish is required.



The opportunity to intern at Life Monteverde is related to projects and activities that contribute to the farm’s sustainability as well as community extension programs. Past internships have included the design and construction of an anaerobic biodigestor to treat animal wastewater, a dry toilet to generate fertilizer and save water, and a human-powered bicycle that processes coffee and process grass to feed goats.



Please contact us at to get up-to-date rates on the programs we offer, including cost of talks, field day at the farm, lunch, homestays, and transportation. Costs vary depending on duration of visit and group size.


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