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Life, to us, means Low Impact for Earth. Life Monteverde is also the name of our main farm in Cañitas and the name of our educational program on sustainable education. Our mission is to produce, protect, and educate contributing to perpetuate life on earth.

Since 2008, Life Monteverde has organized educational activities for local people and visitors. The objective is to help people achieve more awareness about sustainability in their day-to-day activities. The Life Monteverde programs are carried out in a 42-acre (17 hectares) farm and extend to the whole region of Monteverde. The farm combines areas of coffee production, conservation, organic agriculture and low environmental impact energy systems.

Our approach to the practice of sustainability attracts people involved in educational programs and those with an interest in learning strategies to reduce environmental impact. Whether you are a student, researcher or professor, let us know what your interests are.


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